Plaid-like UX for Invoice Downloads and Payments

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Plate IQ helps process and pay invoices for accounting teams in the hospitality industry. Invoices are delivered with ingredients that are purchased, and represent money owed to vendors at some point in the future ā€” in short, these are very important pieces of paper.

Invoices are often lost, damaged, or difficult to read. Accounting teams spend days processing invoices each week, as some invoices can have 100s of line items. Plate IQ's core product makes this easy by processing invoices on their behalf so that accounting teams can categorize and pay their bills with an easy-to-use UI.

The first step is for accountants to upload their invoices. We've made this process as easy and accessible as possible (supporting 5 different methods to upload!). But what if there was a better way?

<aside> šŸ’” What if users didn't have to upload invoices at all? What if their bills magically appeared in the dashboard each day?


Introducing: Vendor Connections.

Using a Plaid-like experience, users can enter their login credentials for their vendors, and Plate IQ fetches their invoices each night automatically. This saves users a lot of time. More importantly, these invoices are processed instantly with perfect data accuracy, which improves the entire Plate IQ experience altogether.


Withholding results since this project is still fairly new and is a competitive advantage for Plate IQ.

The End

Or the beginning šŸ¤”

What went well

Key lessons

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