Some quick background… I’m an atheist who’s pro-religion. I set out to read the bible to learn about the morals and values that 1/2 of the world preaches, but from the source. My own morals and values have Judeo-Christian origins, although I’d argue we humans discovered or converged on these morals and values naturally over time, and religion just ascribes them to a supernatural creator.

I love discussing religion, but found that my socratic questioning relied more on other parties’ knowledge of the Bible. Even though it’s fun to find contradictions in religion, it’s not always fun leading others to these contradictions in their own beliefs. Mostly, it’s just rude, so my apologies to folks who’ve fairly taken offense during our conversations. I hoped to my satisfy my religious curiosity by reading the Bible directly so to not feel as compelled to dive in when Religion comes up at the proverbial dinner table.

The below is a set of notes, thoughts, questions, observations I had while listening to The Holy Bible (ESV) on the YouVersion Bible App (P.S. well done to the app developers, it’s pretty slick!). I first started in January 2019, took a break until mid-2022, and finally set a 2023 goal to finish the remaining 50% of the Bible. While I grew up Catholic and went to church every Sunday until age 13, this was my first time “reading” the Bible.

I say all of this because my notes below are 100% guaranteed to contain misinterpretations, misquotes, mischaracterizations, and misunderstandings. If you find any, please reach out and educate me like my girlfriend did on our 1st date (not kidding, lol).





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